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Outside Plant Fiber Construction

Experienced, Equipped Outside Plant Construction

Expert Outside Plant Fiber Construction

We live and breathe Fiber. Our dedication to fiber construction has allowed us to build a culture at Parker Communications in which our entire team is passionate about building well-designed, well-built, cutting-edge composite fiber networks that will last decades and meet customers’ needs. In order to do this, we are equipped with the best equipment and have established the most effective standardized procedures to ensure we deliver the highest quality each and every day. Standardized processes enhanced with technology to ensure real-time, automated accountability ensure we avoid issues through proper locate services and inspection processes. We are especially equipped for long haul OSP construction that requires plowing, plow support, boring, aerial, fiber placement, splicing and testing.


Parker Communications has the equipment and expertise to complete even the largest plowing projects and duct bank installations. We thrive with a tight deadline. If you need multiple plows going in multiple directions or multiple “plow-trains” going in multiple directions, we can meet your needs. We are experts at managing our crews within precise, organized operational structures to complete every foot with the same safety, quality, and communication standard as the last.

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Directional Boring​

Our boring crews can complete any directional boring project you have. Whether it is a short connection, long run that requires dedicated boring, or support on a plowing project, we have the expertise to complete any project. We know how to perform in both rural and urban environments to create the least amount of disruption.

Rock Sawing​

Parker Communications is equipped to handle any rock sawing that may arise on a project. We know what it takes to organize resources and crews to ensure we stay on schedule to meet deadlines.

Aerial Construction​

Parker Communications delivers value to customers by being an “A – Z” composite contractor. This allows us to mobilize crews and resources where they are needed. Having the ability to self-perform aerial services gives us the flexibility necessary to meet customer deadlines.

Excavation & Trenching​

Parker Communications is capable of providing general excavation and trenching services for fiber installation.

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