The Nation's Leading Composite Fiber Contractor

Our Tradition

Since 1966, we’ve upheld our hometown values as the guiding light of business growth.

A Rich History

The Parker name has a rich history started in 1966 by Arlin L. Parker when he began serving his small, rural town with general construction services. Over the decades since, the Parker family of companies have grown to serve the nation’s largest landowners, utilities, and carriers. Today, now a third generation company, Parker Communications is guided by the same home-town principles that it started out with while being a leader in cutting edge technology, safety management, and delivering peak performance for our customers.


Parker Communications has the experience, team, equipment, and time-tested standardized procedures to meet any OSP construction needs. We carefully manage our construction capacity, project pipeline, and growth to ensure we can always deliver the same fast, reliable service that we are known for. Whether it is a minor break-fix or a complex project with multiple maps, we will mobilize quickly and effectively to meet your deadline. At Parker Communications, we leverage technology to deliver real-time progress to customers, verify compliance and communication with all relevant authorities, and protect the integrity of your network.


We pride ourselves on our quality of work, quality of communication, availability, and proven safety record; but, our true difference is driven by our focus on partnership. We view your network as our responsibility. We share your mission to bridge the digital divide in our great nation. We understand the importance of bringing high-speed internet to communities quickly and keeping networks up 100% of the time. We understand how our record keeping, detailed as builts, and timeliness are to your overall success. Finally, we understand the importance of being real people who are available anytime.